Exams & Certification

The School of italian language and culture issues at the end of the courses, to those who have not exceeded 40% of hours of absence a Certificate of Attendance that specifies the level and duration of courses attended.

Since 1993 Italy has adopted official certifications similar to those of England and France which have a long traditions of language certifications. CILS establishes the level of competence in Italian as foreign language. It was developed, by the Foreign Student University of Siena. There are four levels that correspond to four different levels of EU competence. CILS is available to foreign citizens and is the only certificate recognized by Italian Ministry of Education (Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca – MIUR). This certificate is an official MIUR document to get a job or to study.

This certification verifies your competence in Italian in real communicative situations. The exam for CILS is made of five parts: listening, reading, writing, speaking and grammar.

The CILS Center is a member of European Language Testing Association - EALTA that promotes the linguistic testing in western European countries. In 2004 the CILS Center of Siena was accepted into the elite group of European language institutes who have earned the European union Label for Languages.

The School is able to arrange one to one courses to take the exam for CILS certification.

CILS certification exams