Italian Language and Culture courses

The school organizes every year Italian language courses in which may take part foreigners who are interested in a certificate and qualified knowledge of Italian language.

The course consists of 100 hours (80 hours of lectures in Italian + 20 hours of laboratory activities by the use of audio-visual tools in Italian with the collaboration of trainees). In 100 hours the students will be prepared to attend their Italian language examination called CILS. The course has a duration of four/six months. The classes are divided in semesters, some courses may last for a year.

The course includes an entry test for our students and it ends with a final exam. A participation certificate, which certifies students attendance rates, will be issued. The entry test made it possible to divide students into classes on the basis of their competence and knowledge of Italian language.

The Italian course is free for:

  • Erasmus Students  (gives you maximum 9 CFU
  • Phd Students
  • International Mobility Students

For all not included in the list, the course have to be paid. The price for a Course of 100 hours is € 250,00 (in a single instalment).  No repayment is expected for no reason, even if documented. 

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Crash Courses

10 hours course to get in touch with Catania and the essential communicative functions of Italian. That course is free of any charge for all Erasmus Students.

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Linguistic desk

Upon request, the school activate a service for the different students’ necessities. It is useful to help also in organizing the study period or in acquiring specific language students need at university.

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One to one courses 

Upon request, the school activate, for a group of maximum 3 students, a specific course.

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